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Our Mission.

We’re a small team with a big vision, dedicated to helping you experience profitable and long term investments in property, for the benefit of your own future and family.

Our Journey

Over many years we have built a successful model that has created a strong and consistent return on our property investments. We've grown and expanded our business by using that same approach to help you begin your own pathway as a fellow investor.

Our Why

We believe and have experienced first hand in the value of property investment as a pathway to creating a brighter financial future. We're dedicated to providing those same opportunities for you to experience your own personal success in achieving your goals as an investor.

Our Goal

Our aim is to help you to achieve your own investment goals and to set you up with a long term property portfolio that suits your needs, lifestyle and builds towards your financial wellbeing.

Our Team.

Luke Wolfsbauer

Luke’s passion and experience is in construction and real estate.

Luke specialises in finding deals on property and turning it into a profitable investment. He opened the door to friends and family who have now achieved success in real estate, and are generating residual income for themselves and their own families. It’s from these experiences that inspired him to create a pathway for you to invest and build your own financial freedom.

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Based in Georgia, USA
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+14 787 371 699
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Clinton Duffy

Clinton's true passion is investing and getting great returns.

He ensures there are robust legal and financial procedures in place, so you can be assured your investment is in good hands. As a Chartered Accountant he's had a range of experience in public practice, the corporate sector and the public sector.

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Based in Palmerston North, New Zealand
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+64 27 374 4941
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