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Superior Returns.

Joining our Property Fund means you’ll get a unique opportunity to invest in the Property Market.

Returns that can fund your lifestyle, with most of the return coming in the form of a quarterly cash payment targeted at 9.5% p.a., and capital growth targeted at 2.5%.

Let us do all the hard work to ensure you get great returns – we'll find the best deals on homes, buy them and renovate them, then rent them out and manage any repairs and maintentance.

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Property Investment Returns
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Low Risk Investment.

Property has always been considered one of the safest investment classes. Get the best of both worlds, with us you get a low risk investment yet still benefit from the great returns.

With our experience and networks within the property industry, we particularly focus on single family homes that bring very profitable and consistent returns.

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An overview of our

Property Fund Investment Process.

Here are the next steps to joining our property fund and beginning your investment journey with us.

Apply to join the fund

Apply to join our property fund. We’ll then contact you to begin the process of setting up your investment profile.

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We’ll determine your investment goals

We’ll work with you to establish your investment goals and plans.


We’ll determine amounts and returns

We’ll work together with you to determine your potential investment amounts and returns.


You’ll provide your investment

Once your investment amount is determined, you’ll provide us with your up-front investment


You sit back and relax

Sit back and relax while we place your investment. We allow 3 months to purchase property before rental yields begin.


You get paid

Every quarter, profit from rent payments will be paid out to you, targeted at 9.5%.

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Latest Property Fund Investments

High Return Property Investment
Rent: $750 A Month
74% Return

This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house has been vacant for eight years until we purchased it at auction. With repairs completed, then on the market for only one week, we've officially rented it to great new tenants!

High Return Property Investment
Rent: $1280 A Month
28% Return

Three days on the rental market and it's now home to a great family from Milledgeville, GA. Such a fantastic property that rents for $1,280 USD a month.

High Return Property Investment
Rent: $1250 a Month
23% Return

Another house listed for rent, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms at $1,250 USD a month.

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Find answers below, or get in touch.

How do you pay profits from your Property Share Fund?

Every quarter, profit from rent payments will be paid out to you, targeted at 9.5%.

What are the risks of the Property Fund?

Even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve constantly had enquiries from so many people wanting a rental house. We’re also fortunate not to have lost any rental returns during this time. In comparison to other investments like stocks and commercial property, they often come with high risks. In our experience we’ve found that investing in residential property is so much more secure and reliable, and even more so during uncertain times like this.

Which states/cities do you buy property for the fund?

We only purchase property in Middle Georgia. Cities include Macon, Warner Robins, Savannah and Atlanta. For years, we’ve found these locations to be most profitable for rent return and have also built strong connections with the local real estate market in these particular areas. We are looking to build networks in the wider state of Georgia to meet anticipated demand.

How do you look for property and find a good deal?

Using methods such as working with the best real estate agents, advertising that we buy houses, visiting auctions and foreclosures. Once we find a good deal we do a full inspection of foundations, plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Roofing.

Do you manage maintenance and rent for your properties?

Yes - we oversee and manage repairs on any issues with our properties. We also manage rent collection, inspections, and maintenance to ensure you are making the highest percentage possible.

How do you find the right tenants for your properties?

We do thorough background searches, get proof of work, and do walk-throughs of the current house they are renting. We meet with the tenant to finalise and sign the lease. Any questions or queries are also clarified at this time to ensure both parties are satisfied with the lease agreement.

How does Wolfsbauer Investments make money from this fund?

We take a 2% handling fee, plus we get a 50% share of anything over 20% gross rental yield. This aligns our incentive with our investors, as we look for the best possible rental yields out there.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes - $5,000 USD.

Aside from your Managed Property Fund, what other investment options do you have?

If you would rather own property outright, you can buy US property directly through us. Click here for more info.


What Our Customers Say

"Thanks to Luke and the team at Wolfsbauer Investments, I was able to purchase my first investment property in the USA with confidence. I can't wait to get another!"

Matt Noble

Platinum Producer | Entrepreneur | Visionary
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