Low Risk, High Return US Property Investment.

Wolfsbauer Investments makes it easy for Kiwis to access the more lucrative US Property Market.

Buy US Investment Property.

Buy US houses directly from us that have been renovated and tenanted.

Returning great rental yield, these properties are ready to add to your portfolio.

We help you through the buying process and pass you on to a local property manager.

About Buying Property

Invest in our US Property Fund.

Let us do all the work and invest in our investment property fund.

We find the best deals and do all the hard work to ensure you get great returns.

Returns targeted at 12% with a 9.5% quarterly cash payment.

About Our Property Fund

Why Invest with Wolfsbauer Investments?

Luke, the founder of Wolfsbauer Investments, over many years has built a successful model that's created strong and consistent returns on property investment in the US. Now this model is available for you.
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Superior Returns

NZ property is overvalued due to a shortage of supply and investors pushing up prices. Invest in the US market with less competition and superior returns.

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No More Barriers

Investing in property overseas can seem daunting and risky, but with a team in both the US and NZ we help remove those barriers.

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Unique Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for kiwis to build wealth through US property investment that's not available elsewhere.

Our Journey.

We believe and have experienced first hand in the value of property investment as a pathway to creating a brighter financial future. We're here to provide you with the same pathway, so you can create a brighter financial future for you and your family.
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What Our Customers Say

"Thanks to Luke and the team at Wolfsbauer Investments, I was able to purchase my first investment property in the USA with confidence. I can't wait to get another!"

Matt Noble

Platinum Producer | Entrepreneur | Visionary
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